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EFE METAL Industry's fields of activity are ‘recycling boilers’ and ‘steel metal construction’. Since its establishment in 2008, many projects undertaken by all over the world, complete and smooth delivery of the sector has become one of the leading companies and has made a lot of mention.
With its experienced staff and advanced infrastructure (see our references), it has become one of the leading companies in the metal sector by delivering the works it has undertaken on time and completely.
On this occasion, not only it was the choice of the most prestigious firms in other countries, Turkey.

The story of EFE METAL Industry started in 2008. It started its production in the workshop established by Cuma Uzun on an area of ​​300 square meters.

Thanks to the years of work experience, even in its new years, the contractor has undertaken large-scale works and has been involved in major projects.

With its remarkable achievements in the sector and increasing production capacity day by day, it has increased its production capacity in parallel with these developments. These positive increases and developments have paved the way for Efe Metal Industry to progress in the direction of exports.
The high demands and responsibilities of timely delivery led to the establishment of an additional workshop in NORTHERN IRAQ with a larger capacity in 2011.

These achievements have been the year of artırma increasing production capacity ”and laşma getting closer to the center and heart of the metal sector için. 2013 was a turning point in terms of transition to corporate governance.

For 2013, EFE Metal has accelerated its corporate governance efforts since 2013. In the following years, a series of projects and structuring processes have been initiated in order to meet international quality standards. In this context, customer oriented total quality management approach has been adopted in order to increase service quality.

EFE Metal, which expanded its new and special product range in 2017, left its mark on the metal sector with the “Construction Equipment” brand.
Our customer-oriented understanding and quality practices continue without slowing our company, with the understanding of continuous improvement and the principle of offering the best will continue its success with new projects.

Customer Oriented Production and Quality
• EFE Metal always aims to present innovations in the field of recycling boilers and steel metal constructions.
• EFE Metal, which has positioned itself as a ortağı solution partner Tedarik rather than a supplier company, has focused on meeting the demands of its customers in the desired quality in a short time in accordance with this purpose and targets.
• tasarım Quality management in management ”is taken into consideration in every stage of the product range from design to production.

Product Demands and Production Process
EFE Metal's product demands and production processes are as follows;
• After order or product requests are received, on-site exploration is performed according to need.
• The process continues with static calculations and project studies.
• All materials taken into production are checked for compliance with input requirements.
• Each product is subjected to final inspection and various tests before shipment.
• After the approval of the shipment, the products are delivered with the süre turnkey ”approach within the period requested by the customers.
• EFE Metal; for all orders from the initial design to shipment in the period of quality control work is complete.
• EFE Metal; the quality of the order and is committed to deliver within the desired time.
• EFE METAL; aims to maximize customer satisfaction.

About  Us
Cuma Uzun
Firma Yetkilisi / Company Representative

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